Welcome to the website for Little Bit of Comfort.

Our mission is to sew, knit, and crochet blankets for foster children and children in need the San Diego, California, area.

This website provides a place to share ideas, announcements, and photos of our work.

(Note: This web site uses stock photos of children to protect the identity of the children who receive the blankets.)

Navigating the site:

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Project statistics:

  • Blankets so far this year 2014: 199 as of 04/16/2014

Announcements from Chris:
  • Check out the Volunteer Forum tab on the left.
  • Check out the 'Patterns and Instructions" tab
  • Check out the latest 'Thank You' card Aug 12, 2013 - see the "Thank You Notes' tab to the left.
  • "Little Bit of Comfort" partners with "Gently Hugged" - Check out their Web site and then go to our 'Volunteer Forum' to read more!

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